Old Growth

by Ditch Tiger

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Ditch Tiger is Sam, Cameron, Max, Jay, and Forrest.

Old Growth was recorded and mixed by Nathan Barnes @ Osmosis Studios in July of 2013. Taylor Kerns mastered it in his bedroom. Brett Hawkins contributes vocals on track 9. Group vocals by a few of our friends on tracks 2, 8, and 9. Cover art by Ryan De La Rosa.


released August 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Ditch Tiger Boise, Idaho

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Track Name: Fellowship Of The Rig
We’re changing shit now
Or at least its on our minds
Believe me when I say
I see it everywhere, everyday
No more blind eyes
We’re all slipping on the same ice
Driving onward
Generation learning how
It's pulling itself up and out
We’re trying to get there
But like a glacier's movements
It takes some time
We’re taking it back
Straying from the wrong path
It’ll get better someday
Couldn’t get much worse
Track Name: Hayduke Lives!
I sat with Ed on the canyon ridge
While saguaros bloom and the Spring sun set
And as day fades to night all the predators returned to their dens
We drank the cheapest whiskey we could find

Destroy what destroys you

As day fades into impending night
We worked fast
Monkeywrench in hand

When this fucker blows we’ll be
6-6-6 packs away
And as destructors came down from their decrepit dens
They found all their work strung about in metal shreds

Destroy what destroys you
Track Name: Ghost Rider
I thought I could take this without a flinch
But as it turns out I can’t even take a hit
And I know this one will bleed
My mind is racing
How did I not see I was screwed right from the start?
And I don’t understand how I began
Without even a fucking chance
Now I run backwards
Corrosion feeding me
And this feeling that’s feeding
Now I run backwards
Track Name: Feral Kid
Tailored in such
My shape made to match
With cut corners
And jagged edges
Layered with tetanus
Coating a lie I wish I could hide
But it all comes down
To where you fit in
And you know we’re shaped different
Press-fitted to last a little longer
Now my vein is snapping like a wire
And it's hard to tell how much longer
My jagged edges will last
Against your soft skin
Track Name: Feral King
Rattling below
Down below in the same hole I’ve been before
Trite and tried out
Restless in my breath
I have theses hands to hold
But I can’t

My mind still screams
“What will be left of me?”
Nothing but what the pain hasn’t taken away

Breaking down inside wondering what went wrong
How it came to this, where I fucked up
I cut it with my dull knife
And my clumsy hand
And now I know its not coming back
Breaking down inside
How it came down
Where did I fuck up?
I cut it with my dull knife
And my clumsy hand
And now I know it cant be fixed
Track Name: Rig Wraiths
Born into machine
Digging up debts in wells 100 years old
Wading through oceans of black
And watching forests burn
I see myself in this great divide
Between man and earth
Between me

I was born a well oiled part
To wash this grease would be to remove everything
From me

Born into machine
The way you feed the beast
Is just the same as me
Another gear grinding on
Born into machine
Track Name: Old Growth
Scraping up hope
Looking at things in the sunshine
When you know lights blocked by brick
Looking at things on the
Bright side doesn’t erase it
You cant ignore holding
A twig burning at both ends
You cant ignore a world turning end on end
I try to cope with it
We’re straining to see whats happening
Do we want to?
What will we find if we get there?
Do we want to?
Track Name: Lord Of The Rigs
There's a storm blowing West
Carried by semi trucks and asphalt
Crushing trees and scarring our mountains
Choking grass with smoke
Leveling the land with saw and money
To build cities
That bleed suburbs
That clog rivers

A purity broken through no choice of his own
The only choice he made was to try to ignore it

There's a storm blowing West
Choking everything with smoke

He chose to live among elk
To sleep by fire instead of an alarm
To ride a horse, not drive a car
But that semi truck came and broke that man's back
While a screaming horse named Whiskey
Gets shot
By a sheriff on shift
Track Name: Feed Me To The Coyotes
Putting up a wall
Build it up
I’m walking in the shade of my work
These stones are mine
They keep me separated

I'd rather be on my own
Than call your shit home
There's life on my side
Plenty of room to roam
You can join me but the climb is high
You can join me if you’d like
We can taste the rain
And I hope you wont give up on me

“I am dances with wolves
and I have nothing to say to you”

Paint every wall with a thick white coat
It makes us sick but it's inevitable
Bite every hand but the one that feeds
Peel back the skin and let the new world in
Generation insatiable
Your burning star's a big black hole

You can keep your manifest destiny
I'd rather be fed to coyotes